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Dr. Tanushree R. Peters
Dr. Tanushree R. Peters
PGPN (Boston University, USA)
Trained in Pediatric Critical Care at Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Rainbow Children’s Clinic was Setup by Dr. Tanushree R. Peters, who has more than 10 Yrs. of Experience in the field of Pediatric Critical Care & Neonatology. Along with her there is a team of professionals who have devoted themselves to the service of the nation, with abundant knowledge in the field of medicines and with skills to apply the knowledge in the best way possible. We have come together with a common vision of creating a healthy and a happy Nation. Our services will be brimming with love, care and compassion. The neediest will be the ones to be served first and will proceed accordingly. There are a number of services that we have designed for your well being like Consultation, Vaccination, Counselling, Diagnostics and Emergency Management. Our services and treatments are affordable as well because we have focused on all the sections of our society while fixing the rates for the same and because we believe that everyone deserves the best.

Trained in Pediatric Critical Care at Apollo Hospital (Chennai), Dr. Tanushree R. Peters (MBBS, DCH, DNB [PAED] PGPN [Boston University, USA]), is the consultant at Rainbow Children’s Clinic and she is blessed with a magical touch and a gentle attitude. There is something about her that makes the children as well as the parents feel comfortable and get over their fears. You will, know it when you meet her. The clinic is located on the first floor of the Royal Enclave building at Iskon Mandir Road in Siliguri. We hope you have a very pleasant experience when you visit the clinic.


  • 1. Life Member of Indian Academy of Pedicatrics (IAP)
  • 2. Member of National Neonatology Forum (NNF)


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  • 2. MORGAGNI HERNIA PRESENTING AS OBSTRUCTIVE JAUNDICE..A Case report ,Indian Pediatrics January 2011,volume 48, number1


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