Our Services

Our Services

We have made sure that all the services that we are offering are patients centered. So, each of our services qualify to satisfy our each and every little one who steps into our clinic . Below are given our services -

Consultation :

As mentioned before our specialist has a magical way of approaching the children as well as the parents. You will be enlightened about few medical facts and how and how much your child’s health is deviating from it. You will get the clear picture of where your child stands health wise and how he/she can be brought back on the track.

Vaccination :

Some of the major and life threatening diseases like, brain damage, hearing loss, amputation of an arm or leg, convulsions, paralysis of limbs or even death can be prevented by right vaccination at the right time. We will illuminate you with all the important vaccinations which are vital for the smooth and healthy growth of children. We will also enrich your knowledge with problems that children face if the vaccinations are ignored. So we can come together and cooperate with each other in ensuring a healthy future of our Nation.

Growth & Nutritional Monitoring :

We do a growth & nutritional monitoring of all patients who step into our clinic and advice the parents on how to meet the nutritional requirement of their child. We conduct school camps on a regular basis.

Counselling :

We are always on their feet and at our best when it comes to counselling. We will happily assist and guide you to get to the bottom of the problem faced by your young adolescent child, and try to comprehend them. We understand that people could reach a point where they will need the assistance of the experts, so, we provide you with professional counselling by the experts to resolve your problems be it personal and or psychological.

Diagnostics :

You can trust us with this important task of getting to the root of the problem as our Diagnostic services are managed and operated by professionals with adequate qualification and experience. They know that the whole treatment will be based on their findings hence they will be extra careful while performing the task that they are entrusted with.

Emergency Management :

Our Emergency section is equipped with experts and the experienced, specializing in handling any kind of emergency situations with calm attitude. They excel when it comes to the critical care of patients and have sufficient knowledge of the emergency medicines. Which are managed by a dedicated team of professionals and highly trained staff ensuring optimum use of skills and knowledge for best outcome.

Physiotherapy :

For the specially abled children like those suffering from Cerebral palsy and Developmental Delay due to other causes.

Have you done HEARING SCREENING of your baby?

Why hearing Screening?

30 babies out of 10000 take birth with ‘HEARING LOSS’.It can happen after birth also.Hearing loss is invisible & no one can look at the baby & know if the baby has hearing loss.The only way to know is through a “HEARING SCREENING TESTS” by an Audiologist.

How it is done?

World Health Organization(WHO) recommends two methods of hearing screening for babies

OAE testing
  • 1. OAE- Oto Acoustic Emission
  • 2. ABR Screening

All above tests are painless,very easy & merely take 5 to 10 minutes to perform

What result we can get from hearing screening?

  • If baby has normal hearing or not
  • If baby is detected with hearing loss then what is the degree & type of hearing loss
  • Early detection help to start early treatment

Where is hearing screening done?

You don’t have to go anywhere! We have the state of the art facility of hearing screening in our clinic with latest technology OAE & ABR done by experienced pediatric Audiologis


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